Anton Radionov, Freelance Designer. Working on the web and mobile applications, business and marketing websites. Here are some thoughts on product design I'd like to share:

Scalability. Design is never done, therefore building the design system iteratively, with a focus on functions and user needs, is much more rational.

Aesthetics has a direct impact on usability and should serve to support and enhance the content and functionality. Reducing cognitive load, setting up a visual hierarchy, etc.

Content. All communication and interaction between product and user goes through the content. It's crucial to think it through.

Strategy will balance all the above aspects and align them with the business goals. Design strategy will clarify what to design and why.

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Hala Digital

By connecting artificial intelligence, knowledge, and business rules Hala team created an AI Assistant which automates IT and Business processes for enterprises. I was hired to lead design. Start building a design system and ensure consistency. Produce design quickly and iterate frequently. Together we built an MVP in 4 sprints in shape of HTML pages.

Users will need to interact trough chat interface. And this is not their usual experience interacting with large databases. So, our strategy was to design a content first product asap, based on a design system that enables a clear communication between us and users. And start talking to them to impove the product.

Product was designed with HTML and Tachyons CSS toolkit. Here are some pages: chat-initial.html, chat.html, log-in.html, confirmation-link.html, legal-info.html, 404.html, 500.html.

Portal. Back-side of the Chat where admins and organisations manage system. Few of Portal pages: analytics.html, integrations-catalogue.html, integration-ibm.html, usage-dashboard.html

Emails. Same like other marketing materials were designed by following already established design patterns. Few email templates: confirmation-link.html, temporary-password.html

This is still an ongoing project.

Oct 2018 - Present

Semaphore CI

Continuous integration and delivery platform powering the world’s best engineering teams. Full-time position where I worked in-hand with the marketing team on the website, emails, landing pages and social media materials.

Jan 2018 - Sep 2018


Smaller projects are very interesting as well. They require less in depth analysis and less iterations, but provide a wider spectrum of possibilities, with it's own requirements and constraints.

Here are few projetcs I worked on:

Movement Spontaneous organise regular outdoor activities, collect experiences and train together for international expeditions. Design and front-end of the single page website was completed within a week. See live sample: index.html.

Norstar. Corporate website for local wood drying business.

Rebel Tattoo. Business website for local tattoo studio.

Bullet. Business website for local law firm.

Wallter is a mobile application concept to help people manage their budget effeciently. Take a look on case study.

Sched is a mobile application concept that would help people organize group events smoother. By helping to agree on the time and date for the event that would fit everyone.

Jul 2017 - Present


Creative idea for a gift - video converted into a physical flipbook. This was a side project where my job was to lead design.

Landing page.

Checkout form.

Orders table.

Jul 2017 - Present


Airfy combines guest WiFi services and automated digital marketing to help grow local businesses. I was Lead Designer and worked on a website, applications (web and mobile), emails, ads (web and print), graphics and technical drawings.


Customer side of the application.

Admin side of the application.

Partner side of the application.



PCB graphics.

Mar 2016 - Jun 2017

Perspective Digital

Full-time position in a design agency. We worked with large and small scale clients on applications (web and mobile), logos and brand identities, corporate websites and marketing pages.

Feb 2015 - Feb 2016

Bureau Farid Kalirad

Junior designer position in a design boutique. We worked through every little detail of branding, user interface and experience for iOS mobile application.

Various screenshots of the application:

Jul 2014 - Jan 2015


Full-time web designer position where I was responsible for design and front-end development. We worked on a medium size projects that usually required a branding and website development.

Oct 2013 - Jul 2014

This was a brief walk-through of my experience. Take a look on dribbble for more visual works. Or send email to discuss your project and how could I help you.