Anton Radionov, a freelance designer working with small and large companies on websites and applications, as well as brand identities and marketing collaterals. Primarily serving user needs and moving company towards business objectives.

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Currently, I'm looking for full-time or part-time opportunities and advising Hala Digital. In spare time working on Showclock - a platform to discover what movies that are playing in nearest cinemas, and Neat Creep - a local community for creatives and artists.

Oct - Nov 2018

Built an MVP and design system for Hala Digital. AI Assistant which automates IT and Business processes for enterprises that use SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics.

I joined the team at an early stage when the number one priority was to ship sooner to prove the concept. Our approach was to build a scalable application with the system underneath that will allow us to iterate frequently without creating any development or design debt; content-oriented and seamless to use product.

The AI-powered Chat interface is not a functional design that is expected to have using enterprise software. Our challenge was to prove that a chat interface could be functional as well. At every moment we are ready to support the user and guide him to task completion. For that, we deliberately choose what content we display at every step of the user flow.

Behind the chat we built an application to manage the system. The place where admins have a complete overview of usage, functionality to control AI, install new skills, browse integrations, etc.

Screens were designed in a browser, feel free to take a look on some pages: chat-initial.html, analytics.html, integrations-catalogue.html, usage-dashboard.html, 404.html, email-template.html.

This project is not launched and currently available only for closed beta.

Jan - Sep 2018

Worked with marketing team at Semaphore CI. Continuous integration and delivery platform powering the world’s best engineering teams.

We started by conducting a design audit and later proceeded with website optimization. Together we increased a conversion rate of several pages, created landing pages, launched an e-book, and worked on the marketing website, blog, and community redesign.

Nov 2017

Design at Flipboook. Creative and emotional gift idea, a flipbook that's created from a video. A project where I had complete freedom in creativity.

Conducting research and analyzing market showed us that there was nothing alike. Only a few outdated options that would hardly explain what flipbook is. So we had to compete in a gift market instead, where emotions are driving force.

Showcase the product, inspire visitors, establish credibility and answer frequently asked questions was a bottom line requirement for the page. The target audience was quite broad, it's anyone who has decided to look for a gift online. With that in mind, we designed a warm and straightforward experience that would eliminate all barriers from purchasing the product.

Checkout experience with focus on a video.

Email with order confirmation.

Admin panel with list of orders and key functionality.

Delivery included User Interface Kit with essential elements and components.

Feb 2016 - Aug 2017

Led product design at Airfy. Guest WiFi solution and digital marketing automation to increase visitor retention and grow businesses locally.

Airfy aimed to become a one-stop solution for wi-fi and marketing. Leveraging technology a huge spectrum of possibilities opened to them. My task was to design them all with focus on aesthetics and make products consistent and pleasant to use.

The target audience was local business owners/managers, small stores and retails chains. Airfy customers would get extensive analytics of by-passers and visitors, a number of marketing tools like visitor profiling and surveying, custom webpages, targeted advertisement, automated marketing, etc. and most important product - seamless wi-fi management system.

To provide a better service to end-customers Airfy worked with local partners and distributors who'd have their own ecosystem within the application. Complex business could be inside, but the product had to be simplified as much as possible. In total, we had 26 sub-projects created and designed ±350 pages.

The application had 4 different user types: Customers, Partners, Distributors, Administrators. They all had a completely different set of features and a slightly customized interface.

Creation of new account and software installation was custom for each user type.

One of the key features for business owners was a survey that visitors had to complete in order to get access to free wi-fi.

Design at Airfy also required a creation of emails, advertisements and various graphics.

Jan 2016

Created a concept for budgeting app Wallter. Partially it was just for the practice and partially I wanted to see why most of the apps solving exact same issue end up cluttered and impossible to use.

Jan 2015 - Jan 2016

Worked at Perspective Digital. A creative studio with focus on digital transformation and state-of-the-art product execution.

Project types varied from applications to platforms, logos and brand identities, corporate websites and marketing pages. We worked at a high pace and grew team x3 over the 1-year span, which also required to define multiple internal structures and processes.

Jul 2014 - Dec 2014

Practiced ux and ui at Bureau Farid Kalirad. We worked through every little detail of branding, user interface and experience for iOS mobile application. Community driven recommendation app.

Oct 2013 - Jul 2014

Worked as web designer at Esteriol. I was responsible for design and front-end development. We worked on a medium size projects that usually required a branding and website development.

This was an extesive walk-through of my experience. Alternatively, you can look through my dribbble account for more visual works. Or contact me to discuss your project and how I could help you.

Mar 2019

Reviewing values, looking for sustainability.

Thanks to the internet our opportunities are endless now. Individuals can choose whatever they want without considering any consequences. Proceeding with the next thing quickly and looking only forward. Great for business, but not so good for people...

Information is flooding and it's tough to filter what's important. Especially in design, where, in reality, there is no right way of doing things, work will never be completed, and evaluation is a biased process. No one will argue with the statement that design is important, designers did a great job to be heard. Unfortunately, it gets adopted as a tool to increase sales and product value, not to design products for good! How else we got to 85% of websites being unable to choose text color?

Sustainability becomes a more and more used term in regards to the internet. Primarily it leads to environmental and sociological issues. From a design perspective, it unifies usability, accessibility, privacy, ethics, etc. under one roof to serve a greater good. Basically, everything that's raising the bottom line and increases product lifetime. If we'd strip out product to the minimum elements, how it'd look? That would be text, color, and space. Actually, that's enough for users, they don't need more, all they want is to complete the job (obviously I'm not working in the entertainment market) and leave. The rest is purely business desires which should be balanced out.

To address at least some of the issues I'll keep focusing on and exploring what actually matters. Review every decision I make and strive for the ultimate use of available resources. Good design is invisible design, right?

P.S. This is the beginning of me writing journal and exploring various topics.